NordVPN vs IP Vanish

NordVPN vs IP Vanish

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Comparison Table

NordVPN IP Vanish
Customer Service Live Chat, Email,Q and A Forums Facebook, Twitter Email Support / Q and A forums
Pricing Monthly – $11.95

Six Months – $7.00 Monthly

Rate Billed $42.00 every six months

Annual – $5.75 Monthly Rate

Billed Annually – $69.00

Bi-Annuallly – $4.00 Monthly Rate

Billed Bi-Annually – $96.00

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

3 Day Free Trial

Monthly – $10.00

Three Months – $8.49 Monthly Rate Billed $26.99 every three months

Annual – $6.49 Monthly Rate

Billed Annually – $77.99/year.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment Visa


American Express



And 8 others



American Express



And 15 others

Privacy Server Locations – 951

Countries – 57

Protocols – PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec and IKEv2/IPsec

Encryption – 256 bit AES

Server Types – Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Ultra Fast TV, Anti-DDOS, Dedicated IP Servers, Standard Servers, P2P

Servers Locations – 750

Countries – 60

Protocols – PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP

Encryption – 256 bit AES

Speed Average Download Speed – 7.73Mb/sec

Average Upload Speed – 1.20Mb/sec

Average Download Speed – 6.28Mb/sec

Average Upload Speed – 1.10Mb/sec

IP Locations Hid Original IP, But one server showed multiple locations Hid original IP, but one server showed multiple locations
Platform’s Supported Windows













DNS Leak Test 3 different websites tested no leaks found. 3 different websites tested no leaks found.

Customer Service

NordVPN customer service is great. They offer real time chat, Q and A forums, ticket and email system and two social media options in Facebook and Twitter. IP Vanish offers a help option, but theirs pales in comparison to NordVPN. I sent them off a couple of requests and both of them took between 2-3 hours for me to receive a response. Which is much longer wait time than I find acceptable. With all of that being said though, IP Vanish’s customer service did answer all of my questions. So they provided good feedback when I received their email. So far as for as customer service is concerned NordVPN is the clear winner here.


NordVPN and IP Vanish pricing is a little convoluted. But I will try and simplify and explain it here. A lot of this has to do with IP Vanish’s coupon’s. This reduces the price of IP Vanish’s service for the first billing cycle. So, if you purchase on the monthly plan the first month is cheaper then it reverts back to the full price. Same thing for six month’s or annual plan. IP Vanish’s Coupon codes can be found here.

Nord VPN’s monthly price is 19.5% more expensive than IP Vanish regular price and 70.7% more expensive than their discounted price. NordVPN’s semi-annual price is 17.6% cheaper than IP Vanish’s regular price but 11.3% more expensive than the discounted price. And finally NordVPN’s Annual price is 11.4% cheaper than IP Vanish’s regular price, but 26.7% more expensive than IP Vanish’s discounted price. NordVPN does offer a bi-annual subscription which is cheaper than IP Vanish’s annual subscription by 38.4% on their regular subscription and 11.9% on the discounted subscription.

So in light of all of this information I have summarized all in the table below. Hopefully this will help to clarify the muddy waters a bit.

I am going to give an ever so slight edge to IP Vanish on pricing because you save immediately more money than NordVPN. And I am a big fan of saving money right away. But if your looking at this from the longer term (say two years out or longer) NordVPN gives IP Vanish a run for their money.

To Learn more about IP Vanish click here.

To Learn more about NordVPN click here.


NordVPN and IP Vanish both offer similar services when it comes to payment. They both take all of the major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), Paypal, Bitcoin and other alternative payment options. When using NordVPN you can get use different gift cards from retail stores, Subway for example. NordVPN only offers about 8 alternative options to your credit cards, Paypal or bitcoin. Whereas IP Vanish offers about 16 different alternative payment options, so because of the difference in payment options here, IP Vanish edges out NordVPN


NordVPN and IP Vanish offer a similar number of servers and countries to pick from. NordVPN has 951 server locations in 57 countries vs IP Vanish’s 750 server locations in 60 countries. So here there is no real differentiation between the two services.

Both services offer 256bit AES encryption using the following protocols: PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec. NordVPN uses the IKEv2/IPsec protocol which IP Vanish doesn’t use and in turn IP Vanish uses the SSTP which NordVPN doesn’t use. Here IP Vanish and NordVPN don’t offer anything that separates them from each other.

Where the real distinction lies between the two services is with NordVPN’s multiple different servers types. They have the following different server types: Double VPN, Onion Over VPN, Ultra Fast TV, Anti-DDOS, Dedicated IP Servers, Standard Servers and P2P. This gives the consumer a whole host of different options when it comes to how they want to protect their privacy or what they want to use the VPN service for. With all of this available this gives NordVPN the upper hand when it comes to a privacy comparison.

Speed Tests

Below we have a side by side comparison of NordVPN and IP Vanish’s speed tests that were completed.

Between NordVPN and IP Vanish there is a large difference in the actual download speeds. I am not certain why that is. But since this is something that I cannot control I will not be looking at this. I am going to be looking at the differences between download and upload speeds before and after the two VPN services were launched.

Before VPN Activation

NordVPN and IP Vanish were both compared using the following three websites:, and NordVPN had an average download speed of 7.73Mb/s and average upload speed of 1.20Mb/s where as IPVanish had an average download speed of 6.68Mb/s and an average upload speed of 1.13Mb/s.

After VPN Activation

NordVPN’s average download speed decreased to 7.51Mb/s and average upload speed decreased to 1.19Mb/s. NordVPN had a download speed difference of 0.22Mb/s and an upload speed difference of 0.01Mb/s. IP Vanish’s average download speed was reduced to 6.28Mb/s and their upload speed was reduced to 1.10Mb/s. IP Vanish here had a download speed differential of 0.40Mb/s and an upload speed difference of 0.03Mb/s


NordVPN comes out with a slight advantage here over IP Vanish. NordVPN’s download speed reduction was marginally less than IP Vanish’s and both of them compared similarly when the upload speed reduction were compared, there was a negligible difference between the two. So, a slight advantage is given here to NordVPN.

IP Locations

NordVPN and IP Vanish both hid my original IP location well. They masked where I am I surfing from. And they were tested around the globe at various points and they mostly showed consistency with the selected servers broadcasting from where they said they were. But with both servers there was the issue with one of the servers across the globe showing a different server location then where I had selected on the VPN service. When NordVPN’s Australian server was selected it showed one server coming in from the United Kingdom and when IP Vanish’s South Korean server was selected it showed a few different server locations in the United States. So, since both VPN servers showed that they had a different server location then what was selected there is no difference here, with no one gaining a clear advantage.

To Learn more about IP Vanish click here.

To Learn more about NordVPN click here.

Platform’s Supported

IP Vanish and NordVPN support the main platform’s. They both support Windows, iOS, Linux, Android and MacOS. Where they differ is IP Vanish supports Chromebook and has router software, where as NordVPN supports Blackberry. So, there is a slight difference here on some minor OS systems but not enough to give either one a obvious advantage over the other.

DNS Leak Test

Below we have a side by side comparison of NordVPN and IP Vanish’s speed DNS leak tests that were completed. I used three websites different sites to see how much of a leak occurred before the VPN’s were turned on and after they were turned on. I used the following three sites:, and

Before VPN Activation

Before either IP Vanish or Nord VPN was launched they both showed there they had a DNS leak’s occuring. showed five servers showing for NordVPN and only two showing for IP Vanish, so a difference was noted here, but both still showed DNS leaks. The other two sites showed the same number of server being displayed.

After VPN Activation

IP Vanish had one minor difference where they showed that there was a leak, but only one server was present on the website. So, I treated this as there was not a leak and the rest of the sites showed that there was no leaks for either IP Vanish or NordVPN.


There was no difference here, both IP Vanish and NordVPN showed only one server being broadcast. So this one here is a tie. Neither one preformed better than the other.


In Summary, I have found that NordVPN handily outperforms IP Vanish in customer service and privacy, with a slight edge over IP Vanish in the speed test. IP Vanish has a very slight edge in terms of pricing and payment options. And the two services fair about the same in the remaining categori

es: IP Locations, platform’s supported and the DNS Leak Test. So, all of this points to NordVPN as our recommendation over IP Vanish.


To Purchase NordVPN click here.

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