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IP Vanish


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  • User-friendly apps for all of your devices
  • Access to the world’s fastest VPN
  • 40,000+ shared IPS, 700+ VPN servers in 60+ countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Anonymous torrenting
  • Unlimited P2P traffic
  • SOCKS5 web proxy
  • Access to censored apps and websites
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN Protocols
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 5 simultaneous connections on multiple devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 7 day money-back guarantee

Customer Service

IP Vanish offers an email contact form to receive customer service help. They say that they have help available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. I have found this to be true. They do not offer a real time chat option though. I would have found this to be preferable to the email contact form. When I submitted a question I received an answer back in just under two hours. This could have been do to the time of day when I submitted my question. It was late night on a weekend, so this likely contributed to a slower than expected response. But when they did respond they had answered my question completely. What I did find that was unique was, when I submitted my question they prompted me to go and look in there q and a section based on the information that I had typed into the form. So, there was a bit of AI that did pick up the answer to my question. They also have an extensive help section in order to find answers to my questions there.


IP Vanish offers three payment plans. You can go on a pay as you go monthly plan for $10.00 per month, a 3 month plan for $8.99/quarter or a yearly plan for $6.49/month. When purchasing the quarterly or annual subscription you pay up front for the service. So both of those are either $26.99/quarter or $77.99/year. By prepaying for these other longer term contracts you are getting a 10% saving on the quarterly plan versus the monthly pay as you go plan or a 35% saving on the annual plan versus the monthly pay as you go plan.

IP Vanish offers a coupon discount for new customers. This can be found at the bottom of the home page and by clicking through to it you get two savings options: 25% off for the first three billing cycles or 30% off for the first billing cycle. The two coupon codes they offer are IPVANISH25 for 25% off or TAKEOFF30 for 30% off. These coupon codes reduce the cost per month as shown below. All prices are in US Dollars. The coupons can either be added when you go to pay for the service in a field called coupon code or you can access the coupons directly by going through the coupon field at the bottom of the page. When you select which ever plan is better for you it will automatically apply it to the payment options.
You will see in the chart below that there are actually three coupons. The third one, the least good of all three came through after I had been sitting on their pricing page for a few minutes and they offered me a further 20% discount on the original pricing plan. This can be access by using the coupon code WAIT . It is not as good of an option as the other two. But for the sake of completeness I included it in here.

Coupons and Price Comparison Chart

Refund Policy

IP Vanish has a seven day money-back guarantee. The plans have to be paid for in advance, but they give you a chance to test drive the VPN service for seven days with no risk. They will refund your money if you are not happy with the service. One interesting thing that they do offer for iPhone or iPad users is their app that you can download and try out for free for seven days before you have to pay for it. After the seven days you will have to purchase the app, but that is neat feature. I hope that they will roll this out to other apps and their service in general, but at this point the iPhone/iPad app is the only one you can try out for free before purchase.

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Payment Options

IP Vanish offers the standard fair of payment options. Their service can be purchased using the four major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover. They also offer a three other credit cards that can be used. In addition, they offer payment options using either Paypal or Bitcoin. Paypal can be used if your want to maintain the confidentiality between you and IP Vanish or Bitcoin can be used if you are even more concerned about your privacy being tracked. They 12 alternative payment options as well. These include Alipay, Giropay and Mister Cash. One thing to be aware of is that both Bitcoin and any of the alternative payment options don’t allow for a recurring subscription, so you would have to be prepared to renew your subscription on your own, you aren’t able to rely on the services doing it for you. So you do get increased privacy with some of these options, but they come with an added inconvenience.


IP Vanish has over 40,000 IP’s on 700+ servers in over 60 countries. They have servers all throughout the globe. They have over 30 countries in Europe with at least one server, over 10 countries in Asia and representation on every one continent but Antarctica (for obvious reasons). The United States is home to a plurality of the IP Vanishes servers. With the wide range of the IP Vanish’s server network you are never to far from a country with at least a server and multiple IP addresses.

IP Vanish’s VPN service uses the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt and protect your data. They use the following three VPN protocols OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec to provide make your experience with IP Vanish as powerful and adaptable as possible. IP Vanish also uses SOCKS5 web proxy to mask your IP while engaging in P2P or VoIP connections. This is not encrypted though.

Privacy is one of the main consideration when looking at a VPN service. In this light IP Vanish keeps Zero traffic logs. They have strict company policies about collecting and storing connection and activity logs. IP Vanish believes that anonymity is important so they don’t store any meta data about your VPN session and how you have used their service.


Speed Test Video

I conducted speed tests using IP Vanish’s service using the following three websites: speedtest.net, speedtest.org and speakeasy.net/speedtest. I have linked below to a video showing the speedtests IP Vanish’s VPN service was launched and after it was launched. This was done to show how much IP Vanish’s VPN caused the download and upload speeds to slow down.

Below are the screenshots that I have taken from before and after IP Vanish’s VPN was launched.

Speedtest.net – Before

Speedtest.net – After

Speedtest.org – Before

Speedtest.org – After

Speakeasy.net/speedtest – Before

Speakeasy.net/speedtest – After

Summary Chart

My speed test has shown the following results: we had an average download speed of 6.68Mb/s and an average upload speed of 1.13Mb/s before I turned on IP Vanish’s VPN. After the IP Vanish’s VPN was turned on I had the following results: an average download speed of 6.28Mb/s and an upload speed of 1.10Mb/s. There was a slight decrease in the download speed of 0.40Mb/s and a negligible difference in the upload speed decrease of 0.03Mb/s. I am pleased with how little of a decrease there was once IP Vanish’s VPN was turned on. For comparison’s sake here it should be known that my ISP provides me with internet download speed’s of 6Mb/s. When IP Vanish is turned on it is still higher than what my ISP is providing for me. I am quite happy with that. I am glad that they are providing such good service. I am getting a little more than what I pay for.

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IP Location

IP Location Video

For this test I used the website iplocation.net (an aggregate site showing five websites) to test how well the VPN server was hiding my location. The IP location was hidden in all four different locales that I checked. I first picked Los Angeles, California as my server location, then onto Frankfurt, Germany, followed by Jakarta, Indonesia and finally wrapped up the testing with Auckland, New Zealand. All four servers showed the locale that I had selected or with in the greater metropolitan area for the region that was selected. This passes all of the tests with flying colours.

Los Angeles, California

Frankfurt, Germany

Jakarta, Indonesia

Auckland, New Zealand

Platform’s Supported

IP Vanish offers apps and software for all of the major platform’s out there. They support the Windows, Window’s Phone, Mac OS X, iOS, Unbuntu (Linux), Android, Chromebook and Routers.

DNS Leak

DNS Leak Video

In doing this test I used three different websites: www.dnsleaktest.com, www.dnsleak.com and www.dns-leak.com. I chose to use Glasgow in the United Kingdom as my post launch choice to see how well IP Vanish’s service was working. As shown below in the summary chart. All three websites were showing that I was leaking multiple servers before IP Vanish was turned on. After I turned on the server the websites were showing consistently that I there was only one server showing. One thing to note is that dnsleak.com said that the website was possibly leaking DNS information, but it only showed one server on the web page, so I treated this as just one server being shown and that it was not leaking.

DNS Leak Summation Chart

* dnsleak.com said that there was a DNS leak, but they only had one server come up on there display. So, I am not sure why this would have been the case. So, I am counting this as though there was no DNS leak.

DNS Leak Test Screen Shots before IP Vanish VPN was launched

dnsleaktest.com – Before

dnsleak.com – Before

dns-leak.com – Before

DNS Leak Test Screen Shots after IP Vanish VPN was launched

dnsleaktest.com – After

dnsleak.com – After

dns-leak.com – After

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