ExpressVPN vs IP Vanish Review Update

ExpressVPN vs IP Vanish Review Update

IP Vanish vs ExpressVPN Update Video

DNS Leak Test Reviewed

I have reviewed my original post comparing ExpressVPN versus IP Vanish after it came to my attention that I had made a mistake in my original review of ExpressVPN’s DNS leak. The update to ExpressVPN can be found here.

I have looked at both IP Vanish and ExpressVPN and both showed only one server being present after their respective VPN services had been engaged. Looking at the website showed that ExpressVPN was flagged, warning that it may be leaking, but only one server was present. So I marked this in the following chart with an asterisk to indicate this. IP Vanish showed a similar warning, so that is why both of them have an asterisk beside their number of servers detected.



So, in light of this change, I have to change my overall conclusion which is detailed in the following chart.

Everything else has remained the same, but the DNS leak changed from finding IP Vanish to be better at DNS leak protection to now receiving a neutral ranking. Both performed adequately here. Both IP Vanish and ExpressVPN now have the same number of positives and negatives. ExpressVPN remains strong in terms of customer service and privacy and IP Vanish boasts strengths in pricing and speed tests. The two VPN services come up the same for the other metrics: payment, IP locations, platforms supported and DNS leak.


I have had to change my recommendation from IP Vanish to a neutral rating for both services. ExpressVPN and IP Vanish both provide really good services and both have strengths and areas of weakness. But for me this is a toss-up. You can go with either and be served well. So I have to say it’s up to you — go with either IP Vanish or ExpressVPN.

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